AWS re:Invent 2018 - DAY 5

How time flies, it's been almost 5 days. Today is the final day in Las Vegas. I introduce several aspects of the city today a bit different from previous blogs.



America is about Hamburger!! I ate several burgers in this trip and all of them were so tasty.


Also, Sandwiches were great.


As I imagined, I missed Asian Food, so I had a Pho which is the noodle in Vietnamese style. It was awesome.



There were lots of fountains in the distance I could walk and everything was very beautiful.

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I heard that there is a water show nearby, so I went watching there. I was very impressed by its luxury appearance.


we can imagine Casino easily when it comes to Las Vegas, and of course I tried it. However, I was not sure whether I could take a picture there, unfortunately, I can not share any photos. I played mainly Black Jack and I had a lot of fun. You can make it out immediately because of simple rule, you should try it if you have a chance.

Conclusion - DAY 1 to DAY 5

I took part in a variety of sessions in AWS re:Invent 2018 for several days and everything was great, everything had something to attract attention from people. I had a very good experience, so I want to thank all presentators and conference staffs. I also want to thank all hotel staffs and hotel cleaners because I believe that their sincere works helped me to focus on the sessions without any problems. Finally, I really appreciate my company that gave me such a wonderful opportunity.

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