How I work at HeartRails

HeartRails is an opinionated company. This article covers the reason why I love Remote Work, the way of collaboration remotely and much more.

Getting Work Better

I often handle the new products along with startup clients and I don't only develop an application, but also arrange the infrastructure, help the clients to improve specifications, plan for a prosperous or more. I have to get work better to respond to such demands and also need an environment to commit to the product as long as I can. This is one of the strategical reason I do Remote Work.

Remote Work

We all (even clerk) are working remotely and collaborating with business partners beyond a number of roads.


Where is the easiest place to collaborate? The obvious answer is 'office' - but I don't feel so. Why?

As noted earlier, I have to respond to a variety of expectations and I need to focus on the product much more time and the aim has me try Remote Work. I believe that Remote Work is one of the best way to maximize outcome for succeeding the product in 3 terms.

1. Saving Time

The first term is Saving Time. It would take 1.5 hours to commute to the office in one way if I live in a faraway place, it would take 15 hours in a week. Is it definitely needed for working 8 hours a day (40 hours a week) in the office?

I can save that time if I don't have to commute and that means I can use the time to focus on my development, to learn something new, to spend time with my family and so on. It would have a great impact for jobs and mentality.

2. Preserving Concentration Time

The second term is Preserving Concentration Time. A manager can easily set the meeting of all sorts of things in the office and most of them could be a time sink. Also, I might be talked from someone suddenly even when being in Flow and it would really let me down.

For preserving such a special time, I work remotely. As I would never be interrupted against my intention I can concentrate on development and eventually get work better.

3. Asynchronous Communication

The final term is Asynchronous Communication. How many times do we have to make synchronous communications in a whole day? Unfortunately, we tend to want someone to reply synchronously in the office at anytime even if it is needless. At HeartRails, I try not to bother people unless it is absolutely needed and I feel that my colleagues do the same.

For example, if Judy is dealing with a issue and wants Andy to review the code sometime in the next few hours she doesn’t interrupt Andy’s workflow. He can review the code in his own time, as long as it is done on schedule.

I assume that this kind of asynchronous communication maximizes the flexibilities of each member on the team, the productivity of the organization will skyrocket as a result.

We are hiring

At last but not least, we are hiring the talented people who could feel sympathy with our philosophy and culture. Feel free to contact us if you like it.